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#GodIsBigger: A View From A Standing Ovation

Something else happens when charisma meets the soul in Divine Timing. Some call it synergy, some call it synchronicity, some call it serendipity . . . a moment in time that has no parallel. The awareness of something you can feel falling fresh on all those around you is like a radiant awakening . . . a felt sense of sacred presence that heals instantaneously and magnificently. This is a one-of-a-kind #GodIsBigger moment that sets us free to be in union with the Divine in the context of our own individualized Destiny! Continue reading #GodIsBigger: A View From A Standing Ovation

Season Finale of The Feel Better Challenge on Blog Talk Radio #FIREDANCE

A little bittersweet for Alexis and me as we complete the Cycle of Five episodes of the FEEL BETTER Challenge, this Thursday, April 28, on IMPACTINGU blog talk radio. We have taken Wellness Breaks together since December 2015 . . . Breathing, Grounding, Visualizing and Listening to our Hearts. Now it is time to #FIREDANCE and Shake It Off and Let it Go . . . IT being ALL that no longer serves our highest version of ourselves.

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Healing Is Possible: Let Go and Let God

My favorite thing to talk about is the theme for the Women’s Day Celebration at my church on Sunday, May 1. I am honored and excited to be the guest speaker and the featured poetess of the day. As destiny would have it, this theme about healing was selected by the women of St. George’s from my self-published poetry book, Just Paula: A Few Words- Inside the Mind of Panic, Pain and HEALING. This all feels like showers of blessings “falling fresh on me”, especially poignant during Resurrection Season. Easter is a time of transformation. Timing is EVERYTHING!

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The PRESENT of PRESENCE: The Ultimate GIFT for all Seasons – What do you believe?

I am really enjoying the process of exploring more deeply my own beliefs as I engage OPRAH’s latest stroke of genius in programming for healthy living! KUDOS to OWN! The Belief Series was inspiring and mind expanding. I appreciate my DVR even more since I can watch each episode again and again! Continue reading The PRESENT of PRESENCE: The Ultimate GIFT for all Seasons – What do you believe?

What Do You Believe? Trending now on OWN

How would you answer the question,

“What do you believe?”

…if you were fortunate enough to sit across from OPRAH in the interview chair during her upcoming Belief Series?

Oprah Winfrey Presents ‘Belief’ on October 18 at 8 p.m

I am definitely tuning in to the “Belief” master class on Super Soul Sunday this weekend and the 7-day series to see what I can learn to strengthen my understanding of the power of my core beliefs. My future may depend on it!

As a practitioner, I often find myself in the midst of a dialogue that has breakthrough potential saying: It depends on what you believe. The “it” here refers to everything and anything you are considering, debating, seeking to resolve, choose or act upon. I am clear that our beliefs determine our actions and behaviors. I suggest that taking inventory of all our beliefs is a worthwhile endeavor which I rate as essential to our full spiritual growth.

In Chapter 10 of my book, Yesterday When I Was Crazy: A Sacred Contract with Healing, I write:

“I was quite surprised to learn what some of the self-sabotaging beliefs were that held me in bondage to my careless thoughts. I was also intrigued by what I believed that was just a lie I was telling myself.

My shadow side was full of negative self-fulfilling prophecies held in my wounds… It was very useful to reconsider my acquired values, cultural perspectives, community conditioning and institutional training.”

In 2011, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, my belief system was frustrated and drastically tested by institutions I believed were “here to help me”. I penned the poem, A Matter of Belief, which tells this story with passion. Verse one sets the tone:

A matter of belief
No ordinary thief.
Brings overwhelming grief
For which there is no relief.
A statutory beef
With that which my soul keeps.
So I gnash my teeth,
Moan and groan in my sleep
And look for answers deep
That belie the evil that seeps
Into my heart and bleeps
All the joy and dignity beneath.
So now my spirit weeps,
While overseers reap
In quantums and heaps.
I, in panic, seek
To not become weak.
Because I trusted the thief . . .
Who had a different belief.

So, yes, I say, join in with OPRAH and her guests and examine your beliefs. There may be a few “self-limiting beliefs” you are not aware of that are holding you back from your dreams. What imprints are there? How do they impact your daily choices and your forward progress? You might discover a “healing place” waiting to transform your life.

Click on Paula’s Blog on my website,, read a few excerpts from my book and share your comments. By the way, the poem concludes: Only ONE holds the peace . . . That knows no grief. It truly is . . . A matter of belief.

Speaking in Poems Series: #3- ANGELS Need ANGELS – We Have Help!

Whatever I may believe about the supernatural in general, my belief in Angels, in particular, is held with great reverence in 2015.  I regularly seek angelic guidance with gratitude and appreciation for “other” help  . . . beyond the veil . . . some say.  Many folks also say, She’s just crazy! But then I recall the uncanny charm of the title of my newly published memoir, Yesterday When I Was Crazy: A Sacred Contract With Healing, and all is well.  The crazy label is not so painful set against this amazing milestone in my life.

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Speaking in Poems – Nature Calling: A Thirsty Bee

What if a bumblebee needs a cool drink of water on a summer’s day just like humans? Could you imagine it?  I experienced it and was inspired to write a poem about my bumblebee friend as I was floating in my backyard pool on a really hot day.  The power was out in my neighborhood as a result of a major electrical storm. So I was delighted to find a sense of humor in the moment and to chuckle through the poeting process about such a silly title as A Thirsty Bee. My reverence for Nature in all Her magnificence was heightened as I felt the camaraderie of my honey-maker swim partner while sharing my sacred space. Bees are family too!

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Summertime . . . and the LIVING IS HOT! – What is HEAT?

Happy Summertime! I thought it would be a fun change of pace to blog with my poetess voice. Sometimes poetry says it best . . . whatever it is I am trying to convey. As the title suggests, this is a blog about HEAT. I just happen to have very recently written a poem that was commissioned by my uncle, Dr. Thomas P. Logan, entitled, What is HEAT? So I am inspired to share it during this July heatwave.

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MIDEM: A Clear INTENTION . . . That Gets Results

The international music industry festival known as MIDEM, acronym for Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale, is a ranking example of clarity of Intention that gets results. I am honored to take this initial moment of reflection while “unlagging” my daily rhythms just one week after the final curtain on June 8th.

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Mother’s Day: Where Is Your Heart? Pt 2: The Connection Practice …A Gift

Going a bit further with my Where Is Your Heart? Mother’s Day theme, encore une fois (getting ready for France), I am excited to share with my dear readers a special gift that was given to my “heart of hearts”. I think about it, feel it and talk about it all the time now. I am reminded of the adage, “When you’ve been blessed, pass it on.”

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