Season Finale of The Feel Better Challenge on Blog Talk Radio #FIREDANCE

A little bittersweet for Alexis and me as we complete the Cycle of Five episodes of the FEEL BETTER Challenge, this Thursday, April 28, on IMPACTINGU blog talk radio. We have taken Wellness Breaks together since December 2015 . . . Breathing, Grounding, Visualizing and Listening to our Hearts. Now it is time to #FIREDANCE and Shake It Off and Let it Go . . . IT being ALL that no longer serves our highest version of ourselves.

Positive psychology says LET GO of self-limiting beliefs, ideas and behaviors! Let GO of negative self-talk! You can feel better if you surrender to a higher power: griefs and sorrows, anger and resentment, unhealthy attachments and harsh judgements from the past. Our forward progress in 2016 depends upon how well we LET GO! So our newest energy exercises invite you to join the FEEL BETTER Challenge and dance away the winter blues with the warmth of healing movement. Experience Something You Can FEEL!¬† Spring Is calling us to the dance floor with Intention, Attention and Awareness that HEALS. Let’s keep it movin’ together as we share the season finale of the FEEL BETTER Challenge!

Special thanks to recording artist, Sylver Logan Sharp and producer, Daryl L.A. Hunt for our theme song, Something You Can Feel! Big hugs to our special guests on the live shows on breathing and listening to the heart, Councilwoman Joyce Burges of Baker, La and Ellen Webster-Synakowski of The Connection Practice.¬† Kudos to artist, Instrumental Witness, for his song, Tribe, the perfect setting for the #FIREDANCE exercises. Thanks to all the listeners who tuned in and commented and shared how the FEEL BETTER Challenge made a difference in their lives. Alexis and I are grateful for your love and support! We all did it, ya’ll!

The four preceding  episodes are AVAILABLE NOW on my website, Episode V will be added soon. Stay tuned and join the FEEL BETTER Challenge any time of the day or night. We welcome your feedback and comments. Check out our video commercial for this week!

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