Speaking in Poems – Nature Calling: A Thirsty Bee

What if a bumblebee needs a cool drink of water on a summer’s day just like humans? Could you imagine it?  I experienced it and was inspired to write a poem about my bumblebee friend as I was floating in my backyard pool on a really hot day.  The power was out in my neighborhood as a result of a major electrical storm. So I was delighted to find a sense of humor in the moment and to chuckle through the poeting process about such a silly title as A Thirsty Bee. My reverence for Nature in all Her magnificence was heightened as I felt the camaraderie of my honey-maker swim partner while sharing my sacred space. Bees are family too!

This poem is one of my favorite entries in the new collection of poetry that will be released in 2017.  I could not resist the call to share it during my summer pool days as I retreat to Nature to sooth my soul.  Just imagine . . .

A Thirsty Bee

A Thirsty Bee A Thirsty Bee
Took a swim with me Took a swim with me.
O fum, O fee. Oh my, how he zoomed to and fro
I think he did not know . . . And put on quite a show.
I was afraid of he. I had to duck down really low
Flying around all fast and free. Or stand very still . . .
I thought for a moment . . .     Till he did decide to go.
I would have to flee. A few choice words did start to flow.
Or tiptoe ever so gingerly. But then I thought . . .
I just might lose my glow.
SO I was patient . . .
With the intruding so-n-so.
A Thirsty Bee
Took a swim with me A Thirsty Bee
Flew round about . . . Took a swim with me
Landing in close proximity. Fiddley-dum and fiddley-dee!
The day was blazing hot . . . Can’t say I was happy about such
And there was much humidity.    Company.
A storm had claimed all electricity. Taking over my space.
And cancelled my normal activity. Making a scaredy cat of me.
So I had time to watch the daring bee For all my neighbors and friends to see.
Lite on the water for all to see. Can’t run, can’t hide.
Take a drink or a dip The honey-maker did decree.
Not all may agree. “I am small but oh so mighty”,
As to the cause of this reality. In a moment of fright . . .
“I could leave a sting with thee!”
“And fly away . . .
Before you count to three!”

A Thirsty Bee
Took a swim with me.
SO I decided to be nice to he.
Maybe it was the reigning she.
A Queen perhaps . . .
Nature’s royalty.
Can’t have it said . . .
I was crass and rude
A silly girl with a bad attitude.
No care for GOD’s anointed brood.
That’s not me!
I took a deep breath . . .
And welcomed the bee
In my backyard pool in the big city.
We swam, we shared.
Now we are family!

This charming dance with the bumblebee happened in the summer of 2012.  I have
been blessed by the memory ever since! #GODisbigger

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