#GodIsBigger: A View From A Standing Ovation

Something else happens when charisma meets the soul in Divine Timing. Some call it synergy, some call it synchronicity, some call it serendipity . . . a moment in time that has no parallel. The awareness of something you can feel falling fresh on all those around you is like a radiant awakening . . . a felt sense of sacred presence that heals instantaneously and magnificently. This is a one-of-a-kind #GodIsBigger moment that sets us free to be in union with the Divine in the context of our own individualized Destiny!

These sentiments describe my experience on Sunday, May 1,2016, as I gazed into the congregation at St.George’s Episcopal Church after sharing my message about healing as Women’s Day guest speaker.  As I stood grasping my purple notebook in my arms, taking bows and blowing kisses to my family and friends whose rapt attention filled me full of joy, the view from the standing ovation they so generously bestowed upon me was beyond words. I had yet another #GodIsBigger moment! My very own spiritual mantra, the sum of my deeply held core beliefs that I tout so vociferously played a symphony in my heart of hearts. I could truly say, “well done”!

I am pretty certain that the crowd of witnesses in the room could feel what I was feeling. I could see rows of sparkling eyes and glowing smiles. As they rose to their feet in unison motion, I knew that the Spirit of the Living God for which we prayed had descended upon us. Divinity smiled on all our destinies. My view from the standing ovation was not mine alone but ours together.

There are stellar moments in time and space that only happen once. You sort of “had to be there” to feel it. A view from a standing ovation is that kind of moment of joyful resonance and cosmic AHA.

“Something else happens” when #GodIsBigger . . . “something you can feel”!

A YouTube video of the Women’s Day message: Healing Is Possible- Let GO and Let GOD, is embedded in this blog.  May your days be blessed with standing ovations that transform your life. Please share your thoughts and join the conversation on paulapotts.com. I would love to hear about your #GodIsBigger moments!

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