Summertime . . . and the LIVING IS HOT! – What is HEAT?

Happy Summertime! I thought it would be a fun change of pace to blog with my poetess voice. Sometimes poetry says it best . . . whatever it is I am trying to convey. As the title suggests, this is a blog about HEAT. I just happen to have very recently written a poem that was commissioned by my uncle, Dr. Thomas P. Logan, entitled, What is HEAT? So I am inspired to share it during this July heatwave.

While I am a convicted summertime goddess of the Sun and the Sun sign, Leo, I manage the heat sometimes without a happy face. This is especially true when July 4th thunderstorms keep me from my water therapy pool in my backyard whilst I sit inside and listen to fireworks that make my doggies run under the bed. Such days mark the tenor of summer with trials and tribulations. But then stellar days are filled with heat that nurtures my soul when I swim in the warmth of the tiding ocean at Kiawah Island or climb the mountainside in Flat Rock without worrying about freezing my toes off. Soon I will be headed South to do just that.

In the meantime, I think my poem about heat will give us all something to think about and laugh about at the same time. My muse extraordinaire (Uncle Tommy) and I often chat about worldly subjects that “boggle the mind” or tantalize our intellect after which it is anticipated that some poesy will be birthed. My poetic efforts to ascribe a definition to the question, What Is HEAT? is full of contextual schisms and contrasts that are complex, clever and carefree. Enjoy!




What is HEAT?
So odd . . .
We cannot say;
For sure . . .
What burns our noses
And our planet each day?
Anger? Rage?
Passion? Drive?
Fire ignites.
Gives combustive power
To extinguish or thrive.
When not enough, we get chilled;
The lake is too cold to take a dive.
Not for one minute much less five!
In extreme degrees heat destroys
The balance and harmony
For which we yearn.
Our pretty earth,
Our air, our poise,
Our wellness cause.
Truly gives one reason to pause.
Roasting, toasting,
Searing, clearing
Heat spirals in and out
In sync with natural laws.
What is HEAT?
Stirs things up!
Phoenix, what say you?
Will we rise or fall?
What tales do the ashes tell?
Is this how we experience hell?
Or heaven on a winter’s day?
Now I am confused . . .
Heat is yet a paradox
Not sure it fits “inside a box”.
What is HEAT?
Vivid contrasts fulfill the role
I have crafted thus
Proclaiming a long and provocative fuss
Am I close to an answer or making a muss?
A bird’s eye view
Is what I have
Don’t really know much
Mystery got me in a clutch.
What is HEAT?
Why does it burn?
Boggles the mind at every turn.
What essential elements does it marry?
What signature carry?
That we can name
What, for sure, can we claim?
Constitutes the contents of same?
What is HEAT?
Why did I ask?
Why choose such a monumental task?
Inspiration from my muse’s intellect vast
This most complex assignment cast.
All this talk about HEAT . . .
Has been a BLAST!

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