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Are You Already Angry?

Bloody Sunday, Selma USA, slave market, Charleston South Carolina, Michael Brown, Ferguson Missouri: these travesties denigrating human life in America keep us all in a perpetual state of anger. So no wonder we are stressed out and “hyped-up” all the time. Whether it is a sense of history on a bridge in Alabama or the tragic loss of a young black man’s life in 2014, the oneness of all mankind causes us to feel the pain of “man’s inhumanity” even when we don’t want to.

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I Didn’t Want It To End – A Book Review

I am someone who has always revered and appreciated the wisdom of elders. Thanks to the stunning commentary of nonagenarian, Edeston Leslie, I have a new glow in my heart about my memoir, Yesterday When I Was Crazy: A Sacred Contract with Healing. “Didn’t want it to end” . . . set my soul on fire when fellow poetess-healer, Janis Evans, shared her father’s kind words in a recent email:

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