Mother’s Day: Where Is Your Heart? Pt 2: The Connection Practice …A Gift

Going a bit further with my Where Is Your Heart? Mother’s Day theme, encore une fois (getting ready for France), I am excited to share with my dear readers a special gift that was given to my “heart of hearts”. I think about it, feel it and talk about it all the time now. I am reminded of the adage, “When you’ve been blessed, pass it on.”

Just a week ago while persuing CEUs to maintain my good standing as a healing arts practitioner, I signed up for a class called The Connection Practice offered at the Potomac Massage Training Institute (PMTI) in Silver Spring, Md. I was overjoyed by the opportunity to look more closely at the heart-brain relationship and discover ways to more effectively integrate these two major control towers of the bodymind. I have read many books and sat in many trainings that explore “how-to’s” of all sorts. This class was by far one of the most compelling and practical that I have had the good fortune to experience. The benefits and results were attainable the very first day! So imagine me shouting from the rooftops as I give a few highlights and pay tribute to those who gave me a refreshing view of the self-healing potential all humans embody by design.

Learning to practice the art of connecting to the wisdom of my heart, known as “heart-brain coherence”, was uplifting and confidence building. Engaging a strategy for disciplined problem solving was the cherry on top. Answers to pressing challenges came with ease and clarity as I participated in the “heart-brain insight” exercises. The Quick Coherence Technique is simple, easy to follow, reliable and healing in and of itself. Of course, I had to be willing to share my feelings and needs. But it was so worth it!

Kudos to Rita Marie Johnson, Founder, Rasur Foundation International, a non-profit organized with the mission “to teach a social and emotional skill set for a more connected world”. I highly recommend her book, Completely Connected, which tells how she developed this empowering work. It is worth mentioning that the The Connection Practice was inspired by the work of the Institute of HeartMath and the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

When I consider all the discord in the world and then review the literature of The Practice, I am motivated to spread the word. For sure, what the world needs now are ways to mediate conflicts, speak honesty without attack, fully express appreciation, comfortably give and receive empathy, and approach peace holistically. A scientifically based method, The Practice has been shown to improve student performance on exams and, in the case of a young boy named Gabriel, to reveal the underlying cause of his bullying behaviors. These are real outcomes that matter to us all. This phenomenal process is appropriate for children and adults and is taught in public schools, businesses, government and to people from all walks of life.

My heartfelt appreciation goes out to Ellen Webster-Synakowski, Certified Teacher and Coach, who blessed my life with this amazing skill set. Her passion for The Practice was contagious. I was also inspired by the two class assistants, Donna and Terezie, and my fellow trainees. Thanks ladies! I am transformed!

As an energy medicine practitioner and student of kinesiology, I am convinced that this method of harmonizing the heart-brain connection and directly accessing “insights” is just what the doctor ordered to reduce both personal and world chaos. Our innate wisdom, sometimes referred to as “body knowledge” is our greatest endowment as humans. I write about this concept in my new book, Yesterday When I Was CRAZY: A Sacred Contract With Healing, available now on Spiritual muscle testing is the phrase I use to describe my method of tuning in to my inherent wisdom. It represents the blending of physical muscle testing and intuitive gifts of the Spirit. Stay tuned for more!

Hope to see you in class one day! Better yet, here’s hoping your heart beats with coherence!

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