Resurrection Season: What Does it Mean to Me?

Every Easter Sunday, I await with baited breath the dawn of Easter Monday when I will, at last, know my resurrection story for the season. Did I arise from the Lenten ashes in splendor? Or am I still waiting for IT to happen? Do I feel alive with the resurrected Christ? Or am I just fatigued from the decisions, disciplines and determination of constant self-review?

Perhaps all these descriptions fit my experiences in some way. There is no reason to limit the scope of this empowering armor of spiritual exploration. The duality is part of the process. What I recognize this Easter Wednesday is that IT means a lot to me. The resurrection season holds great promise and potential. It came into my heart to share my journey with you. I write about my healing miracles born of committing to the “labor of love” called Lent and Holy Week in my memoir, Yesterday When I Was Crazy: A Sacred Contract with Healing. My resurrection prayer is that you will find a kernel of healing momentum that blossoms in your life.

I enjoy the emerging spring forward with a renewed sense of both my stubborn nagging flaws and my incredibly amazing strengths. I witness the alignment of messengers of faith and hope all around. The pansies hanging in the baskets on my front porch invite the robins to build their nests. The rain on my garden nurtures the seeds resting below. Cycles of growth call forth the beauty of the earth. God is alive and showing me how to BE resurrected more vigorously and effortlessly. All I have to do is observe and breathe it all in.

The saying, “Old habits die hard!”, gets new meaning each year for sure as Lent unfolds. Resistance rears its counterattack to cleansing and detoxing mind, body and spirit. Why am I doing this to myself is a tempting thought. Then, I remember , it is FOR myself and my glorious walk with God that I take the time to re-examine my personal choices and make a few changes. One seemingly small correction can make a huge difference. Did I hydrate my body with more water or smile more or forgive more to heal my tense, angry body and soul? Did I find more peace through guided meditation or deepening prayers to release traumas and fears from my mind and spirit? Did I seek the places within myself where Divinity dwells? The list of opportunities and options is infinite. The results are miraculous!

For the past 20 years, I have followed the path from Ash Wednesday to Calvary to Resurrection day with intention and expectation for greater meaning in my life. This yearly journey is my healing anniversary. I am joyful in the expanded awareness of One who came to ensure my abundant life of lovingness, courage, mercy and deliverance! He rose so that I might rise again! Alleluia!

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