Happy Mother’s Day from JustPaula: Where Is Your Heart?

Happy Mother’s Day is a familiar sentiment that resounds around the world in the month of May. Like clockwork, the stirrings of the Divine Feminine literally spring into the forefront of our consciousness as we celebrate women everywhere.

Where is your Heart? Mixed emotions, fond remembrances, feelings of comfort; and, yes, even a sense of loss might arise and ebb and flow in our hearts and minds. Lingering and often times forgotten memories remind us of both the best of times and the moments we would like to forget. Oh, what a cacophony of cathartic contrasts! Take the time to honor your feelings whatever they may be.

Many times I have heard friends say, How I wish my mother was still here. Or, How I miss my mother. In recent times, many are also faced with the emotional distress of mothers suffering through Alzheimer’s or in various stages of the aging process. They remark, How I wish my mother could remember who I am. And then, there are those who never knew their mother. Others relive the trauma of abusive mothers or mothers who “looked the other way” while their innocence was stolen. The range of experiences and emotions associated with mothering is wide and variable–sometimes amazing and wonderful and sometimes sad and disturbing. My prayer for those who read this blog is for health and healing. When you tune in to your “heart of hearts”, may you find peace and forgiveness where there is injury, comfort when mourning a mom who has returned to God, joy and laughter where there is gratitude for the best mom ever.

My motherhood story has some of the “normal” checks and balances, lots of miracles and a memoir that is dedicated to my beloved daughter, Sylver. As lifestyle expert, Bonnie McDaniel would say: How good is that . . . A beautiful baby, a compelling adolescent, a supremely talented singer/songwriter, a visionary artist and world traveler, my greatest inspiration; my daughter is my most cherished gift from God. I know for sure that I am one of the lucky ones! Motherhood ROCKS!

My favorite saying about my life as a mother is I always knew why God gave me a child. My stories about how my daughter’s faith in me saved my life are told in my new book, Yesterday When I Was CRAZY: A Sacred Contract With Healing. Sylver Logan Sharp . . . Her name is music to my ears!

Discover more about our journey together by logging on to our websites: paulapotts.com and sylverlogansharp.com.  We share our stories of love and healing in my memoir available on amazon.com. Stay tuned for highlights of our trip to the MIDEM Festival in Cannes in June. French Riviera here we come!

Happy Mother’s Day! Where is your Heart?

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