Poem: Already Angry

I am already angry
So I can’t get mad.
At things that grind my nerves
And take away my glad
And really, really make me feel sad.

I’m already angry
For things in my past
That crushed my soul
And gave my heart a blast.
Now I wear an indelible mask.

I’m already angry
And who is to blame?
That I should be so lame!
Who snared me in this ugly game?
Tell me, give the brute a name!

I’m already angry
So how do I proceed?
To let go of this haunting need
To understand why I had to bleed?
What was the demon seed?
Or better yet, what was the deed?

I’m already angry
At things I can’t erase.
So I must find another way
To reach another place
To feel safe in my space.

I’m already angry
So I’ll tell you what.
I’m gonna heal the mad away,
I’ve surely had enough
Of fears and woes
And terrible foes
And eyes that lost their light;
Always ready for fight
Or flight,
No peaceful dreams through
The night.

I said I’m already angry
Can’t pick another bone.
Gonna stop right now
I don’t want to live alone.
So I’ll forgive you,
If you’ll forgive me,
And turn “already angry”
Into “forever free”.


Penned 11/5/05

Poetry book: JustPaula – A Few Words: Inside the Mind of Panic, Pain and HEALING – available on paulapotts.com.

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