JustPAULA: A Few Words: Inside the Mind of Panic, Pain and HEALING is Paula's debut poetry book. Original publication, 2009.
JustPAULA: A Few Words: Inside the Mind of Panic, Pain and HEALING

The poetry of JustPAULA runs the gambit of stories that make you laugh, feel a little sad, raise an eyebrow or travel through the darkness. Some poems are "food for thought"; some are personal AHA moments. Still others reflect her journey through dis-eases and doubt and her relationships with God, family and her beloved doggies.

A special dedication to the First African - American President of the United States of America, entitled BARACK OBAMA: Son of HEALING, written on the day of his election in 2008, is especially dear to the author.

Paula's "poetry that heals" is cast in three settings: 1) The Original Eight, 2) Territory Expanded and 3) Revelations. The poetess shares her trials and triumphs with heart and soul and rhythm and rhyme. Paula's surprise endings, an influence of the masterful short story writer, O. Henry, always lead us to the Light and give us Hope.

"Poeting", as she calls it, is Paula's newly inspired resting place and the joy of her healing ministry. Her dream is that all who read her poems will be healed and helped in some way that matters. Paula is deeply grateful for "a life reimagined" as an author fulfilling a "sacred contract with healing".

JustPAULA: A Few Words: Inside the Mind of Panic, Pain and HEALING is Paula's debut poetry book, self-published in 2009.

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God is Bigger

A major epiphany that changed my life forever, God is Bigger, is the pivotal spiritual message in my memoir.  This personal mantra poem is my "bird's eye view" of the power and promises of God. Many healing mysteries and miracles were explained from this profound three-word perspective.  The birth of the poetess in 2005 was an outward sign of my awakening to the gift of "poeting".

God is bigger
Than you or me
Ultimately awesome,
Mightily good and
Always free.

My God is bigger than you or me.

God is bigger,
Bigger yet,
More than otherwise
You can get.
Forever faithful,
Loyal and true.

God's power can build your dreams for you.

God is bigger,
Bigger still.
Giving us a special will
Sanctified with mystery
For all to walk with and believe.
In treasures stored for every day
In whispers of your every prayer,
God is bigger,
This I know.

My God is bigger than you or me.


You Never Was . . .

The one-verse ditty called, You Never Was, reflects a light-bulb moment that took on a nonsensical twist with a bit of humorous intent-- similar in form to a limerick. It still gets to the heart of the matter and encourages readers to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

If you don't believe in yourself,
Then it doesn't matter
If nobody else does;
Cause the me
You're gonna be
Is the someone
    You never was . . .


Foster Knows

Foster knows
Just what to do.
When I'm feelin'
A little blue.
Or a lot
If that's the case.
Foster knows
To take his place.
Side by side
My comrade true.
Foster knows
Just what to do.

Foster knows
Just when it hurts;
And how and where
To make his perch.
Close like a soul to soul connection;
Yet spaciously.
For my protection.

Foster knows
For sure he does.
He hears and sniffs
Through all the stuff.
He comes with a special gift
Of being pure, unbounded love.

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