Paula Potts, M.Ed., RCST®, BCPP, is an energy medicine practitioner, poet, jewelry designer, dog mom and more. Raised in the segregated South in a prestigious college setting, Paula enjoyed the gift of success in all her endeavors as a youngster rising above her peers in academics, music and social status. Bullies, illnesses and advantages that had complex consequences throughout most of her adult life persistently tested Paula's seemingly golden popularity. Her early career as a higher education professional assisting developing colleges, HBCUs and government initiatives achieve important goals was highly touted until disaster struck.

The onset of severe disability in 1988 changed the trajectory of Paula's life in colossal ways. For the next 25 years, she journeyed through devastating losses — her health, her job, her marriage — to ultimately exceed her expectations for recovery through the study and practice of energy healing and the determined pursuit of remedies that work.

In 2005, Paula awakened to the call of storytelling and “poeting” to fulfill her sacred contract with healing that has become the focus of her courageous quest for purposeful, panic-fee, pain-free living. Paula’s passion to help others heal, herald the cause of energy medicine and share her healing miracles has found inertia through her writings. A self-published poetry book, JustPAULA-A Few Words Inside the Mind of Panic, Pain and HEALING, was her literary launching pad in 20009. Paula’s memoir, Yesterday When I was CRAZY, published in 2014, invites controversy and critique while inspiring hope and providing insight into Health and Wellness opportunities outside the box.

In 2015, Paula added the #FeelBETTERChallenge: Self-Care Practices for Daily Living to her covenant with healing. Focused on accessing our innate, felt sense of wellbeing, Paula shares “what worked” from her personal healing journey.

Her latest work, ZEN-Tabulous-The New Age Fabulous, invites us to experience peace and integrated wholeness in our daily walk through life. Paula’s prayer is that: ZEN-Tabulous is the better normal that awaits us all!

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