I Didn’t Want It To End – A Book Review

I am someone who has always revered and appreciated the wisdom of elders. Thanks to the stunning commentary of nonagenarian, Edeston Leslie, I have a new glow in my heart about my memoir, Yesterday When I Was Crazy: A Sacred Contract with Healing. “Didn’t want it to end” . . . set my soul on fire when fellow poetess-healer, Janis Evans, shared her father’s kind words in a recent email:

Hi Paula,

I hope you are doing well and thriving. I just got off the phone with my father, Edeston Leslie, in Buffalo. He could not stop singing your praises. He came across your book when he was in town and stayed at the Foster’s for my father-in-law’s memorial service. He picked up your book and loved it so much I understand Sam got him a copy from you.

Anyway, he said the book is so beautiful and he loves your writing. He was reading it on the train ride home, got to Chapter 12 and didn’t want to finish because he didn’t want it to end. He shared the book with his pastor at his church and couldn’t tell her enough how she has to read it.

Lastly, Paula, he said that his number one mission when he comes back to DC is to meet YOU! I was so tickled by his testimony, I just had to share it with you. Bravo, Paula. You have another fan. (Now I really need to finish that book.)


Mr. Leslie’s enthusiastic feedback is a shining example of my pivotal spiritual message, God is bigger. I believe and have come to “know for sure” that God can always give me better than I can ask for. This is living proof! Check out my poetry page at paulapotts.com to read the poem, God is Bigger.

As Black History Month 2015 comes to an end, I would like to further acknowledge Mr. Leslie by sharing his legacy as one of the longest living members of his home church in Buffalo, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church. You can learn more about his amazing life in a Time Warner cable TV special entitled,Kaleidoscope, which featured him in its Black History Month broadcast every Wednesday in February. Click this link to view on Vimeo: https://Vimeo.com/119061333. Enjoy!

Discover more in my new book, Yesterday When I Was Crazy: A Sacred Contract with Healing, available NOW on Amazon.com.

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